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Nonprofits have distinctive communication needs.

For long-term sustainability, you must compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace to establish relationships with diverse stakeholders. And you generally have to do this with a limited budget and resources.

CGL Communications can offer you more than two decades of experience helping nonprofits research, plan and implement effective communications. From our work with small local agencies to national charitable organizations, we bring a diverse perspective to help you:

  • identify key stakeholders
  • define and position your brand
  • develop appropriate messaging
  • determine the most effective media
  • produce tools that meet your needs and those of your stakeholders
  • communicate the right information
  • provide measurable success benchmarks.

As well, we ensure that any new communication initiatives are integrated with your existing channels of communication – from public relations, to marketing, to branding and fundraising. The results? Stronger relationships. Enhanced development. More members. Satisfied clients. Long-term sustainability.

We’d be pleased to talk with you about the results you want to see from your communication efforts. Contact us.

"I’ve just reviewed your fabulous work and have nothing to add except kudos, bravos and a job most excellently well done! I can’t express my appreciation enough."

Chair, communications committee, nonprofit

"I am thrilled with your work on our branding and materials."

President, fundraising consulting firm

"These brochures are beautiful, gentle, empowering and groundbreaking."

Fundraiser, nonprofit

"Thank you for your hard work, commitment and patience in working with us. You have made a major contribution to this organization which will be felt for many years into the future."

Executive director, nonprofit

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