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Awareness. Credibility. Influence. 

Do you want to increase awareness of your organization or your people? Build your credibility? Influence those who can help you succeed? 

CGL Communications can help your business, professional service firm, nonprofit or government department build strong relationships with your important audiences. We do this by transforming your ideas, insights and expertise into engaging communications. Our support includes:

Insightful strategies: public relations, media, marketing, branding

Targeted tools: articles, books, brochures, newsletters, news releases, speeches, websites, white papers and more

Meaningful content: professional writing that informs, inspires, persuades

Reliable results: stronger relationships with your key audiences; success in achieving your goals.




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Our specialties

We’ve worked with dozens of companies in dozens of industries – and government too. And we believe this experience benefits all of our clients: new ways of looking at challenges and fresh ideas.

We also recognize that understanding the special language and culture in which an organization operates can be helpful too. Years of experience working with nonprofits and professional service firms gives us added insights into these distinctive communication environments.

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